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GB-1287442-A: Improvements relating to safety seat belts for vehicles patent, GB-128757-A: Improvements in Means for Indicating the Turning Movements of Aeroplanes and the like. patent, GB-1287985-A: patent, GB-1287992-A: patent, GB-1288799-A: patent, GB-1289806-A: patent, GB-1290062-A: patent, GB-1290144-A: patent, GB-1290251-A: patent, GB-1290300-A: patent, GB-1290374-A: patent, GB-129098-A: Improvements in and relating to Means for Feeding and Locating the work in respect to Drills or Mills in Operations on Cylinders, Barrels and Keys of Cylinder Locks and Latches. patent, GB-1291020-A: Improvements in or relating to ring-cores for switching or storage purposes patent, GB-1291089-A: Pressure proportioning valve for hydraulic brake systems patent, GB-129157-A: Improvements in or relating to Cylinder-heads for Internal-combustion Engines. patent, GB-1292587-A: Apparatus for peeling double indented fruit patent, GB-1293925-A: Improvements in and relating to football boots patent, GB-1294097-A: Optical system for automatic focussing apparatus patent, GB-129419-A: Improvements in or relating to Pianoforte Actions. patent, GB-1294246-A: Apparatus comprising a cutting machine and gauge patent, GB-1294510-A: Sealing element patent, GB-1294864-A: patent, GB-1295475-A: patent, GB-1295638-A: patent, GB-1295925-A: patent, GB-1296245-A: patent, GB-1296594-A: patent, GB-1297387-A: patent, GB-129756-A: Improvements in Top Lift for Shoe Heels. patent, GB-1297674-A: patent, GB-1297723-A: patent, GB-1297867-A: patent, GB-1297871-A: patent, GB-1298183-A: Improvements in switched electric bulb sockets patent, GB-1299196-A: Annular spring disc for a disc valve patent, GB-1299533-A: System for supplying electric energy to a railway vehicle patent, GB-1299570-A: Transfer medium patent, GB-1299755-A: Fastening device patent, GB-1300160-A: Improvements in and relating to ultrasonic devices for use in measuring displacements patent, GB-1301289-A: patent, GB-1301961-A: patent, GB-1301989-A: patent, GB-1302012-A: patent, GB-1302742-A: patent, GB-1303879-A: patent, GB-1304205-A: patent, GB-1304711-A: patent, GB-130480-A: Improvements in Portable Soldering Devices. patent, GB-1305116-A: patent, GB-1305426-A: patent, GB-1305624-A: patent, GB-1305695-A: patent, GB-1306253-A: patent, GB-1306311-A: patent, GB-1306408-A: Reprocessing method for fuel and or breeder elements of nuclear reactors patent, GB-1306424-A: Vehicle speed responsive system patent, GB-1306762-A: Wiper device for machine tools patent, GB-1307913-A: Valve control arrangements patent, GB-130791-A: Improvements in or relating to the Mounting of Pulleys for the Control Cables of Aircraft. patent, GB-1308090-A: Oil well derrick substructure with carriages for blowout prefenters patent, GB-130830-A: Improved Method and Apparatus for Treating Sludge. patent, GB-1308414-A: Method for reactivating hydrogenation catalysts patent, GB-1308619-A: Mobil radars patent, GB-1309145-A: Dual circulation steam boiler patent, GB-1309724-A: Nonthrombogenic polymers patent, GB-1311035-A: Process for preparing bromophenyl norbornenes patent, GB-1311504-A: Honing stone holder patent, GB-1311714-A: Device for transforming an angular displacement into a discrete pneumatic signal patent, GB-1311764-A: Electrostatic recording device patent, GB-1311913-A: Herbicidal hydroxyguanidines patent, GB-1312135-A: N-arylsolphonyl-n-2-tetrahydrodicyclopentadienylureas patent, GB-131243-A: patent, GB-1313439-A: Cation exchange conversion of hydroxylamine sulphate to hydroxylamine nitrate patent, GB-1313785-A: Protective strip for roll films and film packs patent, GB-1314080-A: Filtering process patent, GB-1314218-A: Mechanical restoring units in which actuating elements are restored to zero position patent, GB-1314504-A: Exhaust systems for internal combustion engines patent, GB-1315792-A: Rubbery polymers and a method for their production patent, GB-1315999-A: Stackable bins patent, GB-131736-A: Apparatus for Indicating the Trim and List of Ships, Floating Cranes, Floating Dry Docks or the like. patent, GB-1317677-A: Device for opening containers in a sterile environment patent, GB-1317719-A: Ultrasonic testing apparatus patent, GB-1318118-A: Process and apparatus for the production of a pole for example for scaffolding patent, GB-1318400-A: Mass spectrometry patent, GB-131916-A: patent, GB-1319583-A: Underground stop valves patent, GB-1320518-A: Fabric laying machine patent, GB-1321176-A: Apparatus and method for removing feathers from poultry patent, GB-1321313-A: Speech processing systems patent, GB-1321962-A: Decoder circuit patent, GB-1322201-A: Oversize filament thickness detector particularly excessive thread thickness and knot detector for yarns patent, GB-132299-A: patent, GB-1324107-A: Method and device for installing valve seats in cylinder heads patent, GB-1324630-A: 2-phenylimino-pyrrolidines a process for their production and their use as acaricides especially animal ectoparasiticides patent, GB-1324672-A: Primary cell case patent, GB-1325103-A: Glass and ceramic mixture temperature compensating dielectrics patent, GB-1325481-A: Cutting presses patent, GB-1325669-A: Crate patent, GB-132626-A: patent, GB-1326573-A: Pulse generators patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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